Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, Owner/Operator

Mt. Carmel Baptist Church was organized under the guidance of the Mother church, Tabernacle Baptist Church, Beaufort, South Carolina in 1869 under the leadership of Rev. D. W. Blythewood of Tabernacle. In 2010 things are still much as they were in 1869, except we are no longer kneeling on the velvet like grass provided by nature but on the comfort of carpeting. The hymns are accompanied by the music of the piano, keyboard, drums, guitar and organ, replacing the chirping birds. The most important thing is still the same; the members of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church are still praying to God Almighty and singing praises to His name.

General Manager

A retired Sergeant Major of the United States Marine Corps, James E. Moore has served the Sheldon Township Community for more than 30 years as Senior Pastor of the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church and a community leader. He serves as the National Chaplain for the Montford Point Marine Association; member of the Board of Directors of the Boys and Girls Club of Beaufort, South Carolina and Chairman of the Sheldon Township Community Support Partnership. Pastor Moore is eager and excited to lead the next phase of the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Ministry.


On-Air Talent, Program Manager

A married mother of two and Beaufort native, Brandy has had an extensive radio career spanning 25 years. With a resume which includes 12 1/2 years as the Lex and Terry Morning Show local producer, Brandy is eager to continue serving her Beaufort neighbors with inspirational radio.